The few tips to consider to make eco-responsible tourism

According to the RTL report in 2019, tourism accounts for 5% of CO2 emissions, which leads us to make the decision to change our travel habit. There are gestures to adopt in order to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment.

Reduce your consumption of sales

Even if farmers have already made efforts to improve their breeding techniques, this sector emits more gases into the atmosphere than we could imagine. So, reduce the consumption of meat and favor fruits and vegetables. To really get into the trip, take the trouble to eat traditional and typical meals of the country.

Selecting transportation

Traveling by plane is certainly the fastest and most practical, but it is preferable to choose the train or the car because the plane pollutes much more than other means of transportation. Once there, instead of renting a car, you can rent a bike or a horse or at least make do with the public transportation that is already present in the place. And frankly, don't think about traveling far, because for sure there are places that you haven't seen yet and are 100 km away from your home. You can also participate in projects to support the planet like myclimate or goodplanet.

Choose to stay in nature

The regions are currently offering accommodation in tents or teepees. You can stay in guest houses, or in B&Bs and avoid places like the camp that has hundreds of tourists. You can also choose to stay with local people, which will reduce your expenses. Of course, there are labeled establishments.

Less polluting activities

Instead of choosing between quad biking or scooter riding, it is better to go on horseback or by bike, but the ideal is to do it on foot. In winter, you'd better choose a dog sled ride. And when you sunbathe, sunscreen is good, but do not put too much, better to limit the time of tanning to no more than one hour per day. Yes, your sunscreens pollute the sea.

Finally, you should prepare your trip with the right travel partners like and other more innovative sites.