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Branding // Brand Development // Identity
Carefully developed branding will help clarify and differentiate your customers' perception of your company's quality and value, resulting in a significant impact on establishing trust and brand loyalty. Corporate identities must have the power and substance to inspire multi-dimensional brand channels, capable of engaging equally with clients, employees, business partners or consumers.


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Advertising // Print Design // Marketing Collateral
The creative experience to conceptualise and design your advertising with a relevant visual language and tone of voice as well as strategic marketing knowledge to help you improve and develop effective campaigns.


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Book Design // Packaging // Experentrial Projects
Creating highly illustrated non-fiction books is where orignal concepts and eye catching design come together to make the editorial content visually engaging and instantly accessible.


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Creative design


Strategy is nothing unless it's backed up by creative design that answers the brief and grabs people's attention. Direct involvement throughout the process is essential - from taking the brief through to implementation and delivery - you won't find an account manager here. Gaining a clear and concise understanding of your brand and how it is perceived, both internally and externally, is essential in creating an effective design solution

Creative Innovation

A creative ethos based around understanding both the client's aspirations and the project's context, a disciplined and thoughtful approach to today's marketing opportunities makes it possible to create the most effective and original solutions. I do not adopt any creative style or tone of voice hard sell is right for some situations, mood and imagery for others and humour for others still. My work has only one linking factor, It makes a single minded proposition come alive in a compelling way. Great ideas alone are not enough; making them happen is essential to the projects success.


Typography matters

The target audience needs to be able to understand the communication. If text is too small to read or all cramped together, the project probably will not get a second glance. Beyond legibility, however, typography is important because it can be used to convey a specific mood or feeling, or make people respond in a certain way. Good typography comes from paying attention to detail as this can make the difference between creative work that is just acceptable or achives results.

Print ready artwork

Artwork and print production should never be mere add-ons to a project but incorporated from the beginning through to final production. The technical expertise early on ensures that I achieve well-managed expectations, time and cost savings and ultimately, the optimum result for the brand.



about | strategic thinking | creative innovation | online design




Find out more about how I can deliver effective web and print communications. Your budget goes much further when you hire a freelance designer without the overheads of an agency you can be sure your money is going into your design work and nowhere else. Contact me using the link below or alternatively telephone +44 (0)798 42 72 413


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